Novus: New Fresh Revived

Make your old, worn out pool or fountain new again!

A young girl wearing a sunhat and sunglasses floating in a pool
Reasons to call us

Revive your pool with our beautiful liners

Our custom-fit 60-mil reinforced PVC liner systems are backed by a 10-year, non-prorated, labor & material warranty!

A finished pool liner renovation of a sunroom pool with bright blue poolliner.

Low Maintenance

Stop painting your pool every year, stop patching plaster, and no more caulking cracks!

60-mil PVC pool liner installed in a bean-shaped pool.


Tired of getting scuffs from your old, rough plaster, or is your paint too slippery? Our liners are slip resistant.

Workers stretching out PVC pool liner over pool stairs


Our pool liners can be installed for a fraction of the price of a new plater job, and chemical usage can be reduced

Our Services

Make your pool feel like new for a fraction of the cost of plaster or gunite!

Three pool liner colors, stacked. A bold, bright blue, a white, and a soft, light blue.

Beautiful Color Options

Our reinforced PVC is 60-mills thick! most drop-in pool liners are half that. We install a felt underlayment for a smooth, soft feel.

Workers installing a piece of PVC pool liner.

Installed Over Any Substrate!

We can go right over your old plaster, fiberglass, concrete or steel! Tired of painting every spring? Not after we’re done. Stop scaping your feet on your old, worn out plaster.

A light blue pool liner shown installed over pool stairs.

Any Shape or Size

Our system has no size or shape limitations. Radius walls? No problem. Multiple steps? We’ve got you covered.

Just for fun!

Panoramic of Lego toys at the edge of a pool
Two young girls sitting by the edge of the pool, playing with Legos
Two young girls sitting by the edge of the pool, playing with Legos

Did you know that Legos are the perfect pool toy?